Dark Brindle Dog - 31.5kg - Whelped April 2011

2013 Southland Derby Final

Southland - 533m - 33.10

Kiowa Producer

Hollywood World Classic

Mardi Gras - 503m - 30.47

Dragon Fire x Kay V Sweet Kay

Career Statistics: 94 starts - 50 wins - 15 seconds - 4 thirds

Member of the 2013 All-American team

Winner of the 2013 Mardi Gras Hollywood World Classic, 2013 Southland Derby and 2013 Chris Callas Memorial Stake.

Also finished 2nd in the 2014 Southland Festival of Stakes Sprint; 3rd in the 2013 Southland People's Choice and was a finalist in the 2014 Southland Sprint Derby

Velocity Zoe:

My My Machine:

Gold Chalice: Whelped 2 dogs & 7 Bitches

Hot Cash: Whelped 3 dogs & 8 Bitches

Billie The Bar: Whelped 4 dogs & 2 Bitches

Barkardi Girl:

Veetee Saharrah: Whelped 2 Dogs & 3 Bitches

Orthia Bale:

Lara Monelli:


Hillview Daisy:

Snippy's Dame:

Feature Race Profile

Maroon Line Maroon Line Maroon Line

KIOWA PRODUCER is undoubtedly one of the best bred American imports to ever stand at stud in Australia...what's more, Kiowa Producer has the racetrack record to back up that claim when you consider his overall record of 94 race starts for 50 wins (YES, 50 wins!), 15 seconds, four thirds and six fourths.


But then add the fact he was a member of the 2013 All America team and this puts him into a special place among stars of greyhound racing the world over. Only eight, the supreme eight of the year, are chosen as members of the All America team. It is an honour savoured for decades among the US greyhound racing hierarchy. Generally, All America team members become high class stud dogs. Not always, but the odds are well in their favour.


The 31.5kg speedball, the weight of most superstar stud dogs, earned his place in the All America team on the toughest and most competitive racetrack in the US. Southland is NOT a speed dog’s racetrack. It is a powerhouse circuit where come-from-behind types prove mercurial. KIOWA PRODUCER defied all this. He defied anyone to run him down.

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